Our Story

Experience and explore the refreshing goodness of your favorite candies

At Sweets 4 Treats, we developed an innovative way to enjoy the sweetest and most delicious candies we have all come to love. As a sunny California based candy company, we are focused on bringing a whole new twist to the candy shopping experience! With over 50 different varieties of candy to choose from, we developed an attractive display that not only offers a 360-degree landscape but also delivers an eye-catching display that captivates the senses. Our goal is to provide a fun and engaging environment while delivering delicious treats. As a team of experienced candy experts, we value the history and tradition of candy, that is why we like to keep things simple. Whether you are looking for something sweet, sour, spicy or just a little pick-me-up to chew on, we’ve got you covered! We created a ONE price offering that allows our customers to mix and match their favorite candies just the way they like it!

Our Vision

Our founder Pavel Yanbekov had a vision to bring the tradition of candy to malls, airports and non-traditional locations in an innovative way. To accomplish this, he designed a remarkable display that is replicable in just about any indoor location. Beyond his desire to serve his employees and customers, he had a broader vision. His new vision was to take the success of Sweets4treats as a proven business and offer it to the world as a franchise opportunity. His designs make both our franchise business owners, employees and customers enjoy the mind-blowing goodness of what Sweets4treats has to offer.

Join the Sweets 4 Treats Family

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to own your own top-of-the-line candy store then we want to get to know you. We can help you develop and set up your own location within 30-90 days with our expert training and development teams. Sweets4treats is a low-cost investment that is simple and easy to operate. When you join Sweets4treats, you are doing more than just starting a business, you are joining a family of experienced professionals that are rooting for your success. Our philosophy is that we like to keep things simple. We put candy in bags and we put smiles on faces. 
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